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As you may have noticed, the website did not instantly follow the 4.3 release, missing 4.3 stats. You may consider the data between October 1st 2016 (4.3 release) and February 26th 2017 (UrTStats fix) incomplete. Some parts of the website still may require some work, but 4.3 figures should be properly recorded.
I wish I had time to do it earlier. I apologize for it.

Here, we're doing stats!

Just for fun ;)

What is UrTStats?

UrTStats is a real time global stats system for the game Urban Terror
We are collecting server statuses and aggregate them to generate cool stats. For example, you can view in live the number of players who are online, what gametypes they prefer, etc.

Your stats are wrong! UrbanTerror.info says that there are xxx players online and not yyy !!

Well... While I'm doing my best to be sure the backend scripts are running properly, sometimes (or everytimes) servers are not responding because they "are too busy", "send crap", "don't want to answer", "don't care", "hate me" or "have networking problems".

Want to contribute?

Cool, I'm happy to hear that ! Depending on your abilities, you can send me feedback, suggest new cool things to statify or read the code and send pull requests ;)

Want to run your own UrTStats?

You can grab the code and all instructions on our git repository

Special thanks

* Barbatos for hosting this version of UrTStats :)

Version: 2.0